Meticulous imaging technique has brought the “Black Stone” in never before seen photos

May 4, 2021: For the first time, images of the sacred Black Stone on the southeastern part of the Kaaba have been unveiled using state-of-the-art photography techniques.


BaaghiTV: According to a foreign news agency, the two holy mosques of Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Masjid al-Nabawi and Masjid al-Haram, have been shared on Twitter and Instagram accounts of the head of the organization that oversees the affairs of Masjid al-Haram. The Black Stone is being counted among the most meticulous images.


According to the head of the Shawwan al-Haramain, the images were created using a photography technique called ‘Focus Stack Panorama’, which took about seven hours to photograph and about 50 hours to collect. This technology combines different images to create a highly authentic image that has the best quality and can also take a good look at the nuances of the image.

Giving more details about the technique, the Twitter account said it took seven hours to create the image. During this time, 1,050 Fox stock panoramas were created, and the image that eventually emerged after 50 hours of processing was 49,000 megapixels.


The shape of this stone is like an egg with a beautiful combination of black and red. It is about 30 cm in diameter and is placed along the wall at the southeast corner of the Kaaba.

As soon as these photos were shared on social media, most of the users commented on the beauty of this stone. Someone said, “Thank God, now I can see the Black Stone in super resolution.” The Black Stone has historical significance for Muslims, and it is obligatory for those who circumambulate the Kaaba for the purpose of Umrah and Hajj to kiss the stone, but it can also be done with hand gestures due to the crowd.


The history associated with this stone is actually even older than the religion of Islam. According to the traditions, Hazrat Ibrahim (as) and his son Ishmael (as) were building the Ka’bah together and they needed a stone to complete the construction. So at that time this stone was brought down from the heavens.

Before the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) reached prophethood, there was a dispute among the tribes over the placement of the Black Stone during the repair of the Ka’bah, and they all wanted this honor to be theirs, so it was decided. It is said that the first person to come to the Ka’bah tomorrow will decide.

The first person to visit that day was the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and he picked up a stone from his hand and placed it on his chador and told all the tribes to hold the corners of the chador and bless it with their own hands. Placed in the desired place and all the tribes were happy with this decision.

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