Mian Haroon Masood Considers Judiciary to be Pakistan’s Ultimate Refuge

Justice is not just done, it must also be seen to be done right: Mian Haroon Masood

Just as singing is a singer’s raison detr’e the hall Mark of an honourable judge remains his fair play.

A judge has to be above board in pronouncing judgements literally who is and remains the custodian of law and shall remain so for all practical purposes, and that’s the whole truth about a conscientious judge. Any tainted judgement by the judge thereof, could come at any given time under the spot light of media. Especially when it is made to look uglier than what in reality it might be.

A judge has to be infallible when he speaks ex cathedra on the contrary the videos of secret meetings of fateful judge who has been publicized to infinite lengths, now is an open secret. Meeting of the judge with mafia guys may not be of his own choosing yet the powerful mafiosi seem to have thrusted themselves upon him and the very video of their secret meeting has also been aired to destruct the image of the juror completely and the judgement becoming dubious. The characters of this unholy drama serial are being apprehended by and by.

Many eyebrows are being raised at the very conduct of Arshad Malik and the juror in question, correspondingly all those who were instrumental in maligning him. He remained oblivious of these grave ramifications or he did on purpose of who knows?

Things have never been this uglier before, it’s like El Chapo the notorious Mexican drug Lord who is on the run running amuck for his life and he orders his schmucks to do all the dirty work for him even like bribing and getting the odd man to come to their terms by hook or by crook. Harassing him, intimidating him with dire consequences.

Is it hard to make out as to what really is happening? No. It is not. The superior judiciary will be put to test now. It is unnerving yet a lot is at stake. Lets see what comes out of it. Hopefully the alleged all will be brought to book. Justice being the order of the day. It is believed that the induction of the judges has to be on merit. They must not come through back door. The vexatious litigations is a corollary to their unbecoming attitude.

The measures taken now to improve the court system by making them modern is on the anvil. Betterment is expected. There may have been some success achieved by now.

All those who are political inductees must be asked to leave.The black sheep are to be sorted out. Any body not falling on merit is likely to be trapped in the the most unlikeliest situations hence, the problem blows up and blows out of proportion like it has.

Judiciary is our ultimate refuge for redressal of all grievances. It has to work transparently to the satisfaction of the litigants. The justice is not just done, it must also be seen to be done right.

Mian Haroon Masood Political Leader


The pendulum should never swing the wrong way as per the principle of justice. Let alone any prima facie lopsided judgement by the honourable judges. Pakistanis have heaved a sigh of relief, the recent decision and victory of Pakistan in the international court of justice has come as a healer.

It has kind of rekindled a glimmer of hope in our own fractured system of dispensation. We need to be more cautious now. Ours is an independent judiciary. We must in our capacities do all that we can to reconstruct the tattered image in earnest.


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