Might Is Right

Another sign of intolerance and law less-ness

Lahore, 15th December: Today a video has taken the internet by storm, showing a middle aged male beating, shouting at and harassing another driver on a busy road of Cavalry Ground Lahore.

After going viral it has raised concerns about the age old saying ‘might is right’.

It has become a routine that a slightly affluent person would not even consider others as human.

According to sources, the online registration portal shows that vehicle of the aggressor Toyota Fortuner bearing a registration plate LEH-17-8931 registered under the name of AQEEL MIRZA S/O HUMANYUN MIRZA.


According to the reports of Baaghi TV, the aggressor in the video is clearly seen pulling a pistol on the main road and life threatening the other individual, a poor man who is possibly some one else’s driver.

Government should take some stern action and make an example to control such acts of violence.

It seems there is no rit of government and people do not care a bit about taking law in their own hands.

Life has become cheap and modern day’s Pharaoh’s have started inflicting this society.

The society needs a wake-up call, a clear message that law of the land exists and no one will be allowed to bully or misbehave with others.

Lets join hands and put an end to this jungle law ‘might is right’.

Baaghi TV urges everyone especially the government of Pakistan to start the movement of coming together and raising your voice for those unheard.

We would also urge our youth to understand the importance of social values and to implement them in their daily lives as today’s youth is our future.


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