Minister Environment Claims Letter of Accusation is Fake

Lahore (14th July, 2019): Minister Environment responds to letter accusing him and right-hand-man of corruption charges. 

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, Minister Environment has denied allegations put up against him and Mustafa Shaikh by applicant, Advocate High Court. Minister of Environment Department has stated that the letter written by the applicant is “fake” and that it has been written by an anonymous person. He has also stated that the letter is not authentic because the address provided by the applicant is inaccurate as well as missing a verified CNIC number.

Moreover, he has stated that the reason behind circulating the designed letter might be the department’s recent actions against sealing Mobil Oil shops that had been operating since 1964 and selling inauthentic or substandard [fake] Mobil Oil as a branded product. He has further stated that the issue has been brought to notice of the High Court and the effort has been applauded.

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