Minister visits warehouse to review preparations for likely flood situation


LAHORE: Provincial Minister for Disaster Management Mian Khalid Mahmood visited the warehouse on Jallu Road, Lahore to review the preparations of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) for emergency relief operations in view of the impending flood situation in the current monsoon.
On the occasion, Director General Raja Mansoor informed the Provincial Minister that the Disaster Management Authority has completed all the preparations for dealing with the expected floods in the monsoon and procured all the necessary machinery for drainage from the cities to rescue services during the floods.
“The equipment is ready. Regular planning has been done to deal with the floods in the cities. The Punjab Disaster Management Authority is not only ensuring 24-hour continuous monitoring of all flood-prone areas but is also fully prepared for emergency operations. Supporting staff and volunteers have also been given pilot exercises in all districts,” he said.
Briefing the media after inspecting the relief goods at the warehouse, the provincial minister said that the Meteorological Department had not forecast more than normal rainfall in the monsoon this year and there was no risk of flooding in rural areas. However, flood situation may arise in the cities for which all the district offices and related agencies have been provided with drainage machinery, he added, explaining that
there is a stockpile of tubes.
“According to reports so far, the flow of water in the rivers is said to be at least average. A sudden rise in water levels in Chenab, Jhelum and Ravi could lead to floods, but all precautionary measures have been taken. In this regard, PDMA is in touch with all agencies including WASA, Irrigation and Rescue 1122,” he added.