Ministry of Information and Broadcasting clears “Zindagi Tamasha” for broadcast

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting clears "Zindagi Tamasha" for broadcast #Baaghi

June 23, 2021: BaaghiTV: According to details, Sarmad Khost had informed the censor board in writing that despite the approval of the screening of his upcoming film ‘Zindagi Tamasha’, efforts are being made to stop its release in the country.

Sarmad Khost said that there was a call for protests by a religious party against showing the film for screening across Pakistan. There is nothing insulting or malicious in the film. I have reviewed the film. Presented to the censor board and once again the film was approved for re-release with minor changes only to please the complainants.

The filmmaker said that first the film was passed by the three censor boards of the country and later after watching only a two and a half minute trailer, some people lodged a complaint against it on the basis of assumptions, the film is not about any sect or sect. And the main theme of this film is just intolerance.

Officials of the Film Censor Board say that some parts of the film have been censored and cut off from the film and soon the film will be screened, a new censorship certificate will be issued to the film. It may be recalled that cinema halls will be opened by the NCOC for public entertainment from June 30.

It should be noted that the film Zindagi Tamasha by renowned Pakistani filmmaker and actor Sarmad Khost was to be screened across Pakistan on January 24, 2020. Despite the film being approved for release, its release in the country was stopped because a religious party had called for protests against the film, after which the release of the film was stopped.

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