Misuse of social media and rising depression

Social media is a platform that has made the whole world a village, a platform through which you can connect with people from any country in the world from anywhere in the world.

There was a time when only adults knew about this social media but with the passage of time, the world changed and so did the present generation. But where we use social media for positive work, today social media is full of wrong things. Because of social media, while some people are known for their positive actions, other people seem to be abusing social media.

I consider this social media to be a curse in the current era due to which our voice has deteriorated. This negative trend of social media is growing in our society and it becomes dangerous when people get fed up with it and give their lives.

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Online trolling is increasing depression in our society. People begin to compare their lives with the lives of others, begin to see themselves as failures and others as successful, and in this race man’s true peace is lost somewhere. It is very common to abuse someone on social media or to characterize someone, because only a few words have to be written and the OK button has to be pressed, while Touch Mobile has made this process even easier.

Social media users have a social responsibility to improve society through their actions and words. But we have taken a different path in this regard.

Memes are created on social media, in which famous people are openly mocked, and in this regard, sometimes one’s private life is targeted and sometimes one’s professional life. Throughout this process, without anyone’s permission, their shapes are distorted and these memes are used to make people laugh. Now anyone can make any kind of video and upload it on social media, which is only for a few moments of entertainment. But these few moments of fun can be a lifelong illness for anyone.

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Top trends on social media are made in such a way that a person bows his head in shame after reading them. In Pakistan, in general, all political parties have their own social media wings, but the social media wings of the major political parties go to any lengths to please their leaders. There must be political criticism but within the realm of ethics. But here there is less political criticism and more mud on private life.

One of the most dangerous trends on social media is that photos are replaced by Photoshop, then these images are posted on social media and people make comments without research that are too daring to read. happens.

In our case, it feels as if you have licensed someone’s character by creating an account on social media. Recently, the news of the marriage of a Pakistani cricketer spread, and the girl whose pictures were released was not only the girl with whom the cricketer was supposed to get married, but the girl was already married and the mother of a child.

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The cricketer himself later told a press conference that the picture of the girl he is going to marry will be released after the marriage. Suffice it to say that news is circulated without verification and research, pictures are posted without permission and even fake deaths of famous artists are reported and when the news goes viral on social media.

If so, his family members come and confirm that this news is false. For fun, these things are still tolerable, but the situation gets worse when bad news or video is spread about a sensitive issue.

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