Miyawaki forest, environmental and public issues, what are the priorities

The impact of human activities on the environment is increasing day by day. The rapidly advancing world of science and technology is taking us away from nature, causing catastrophic climate change and generating difficulties for us. Smog is also one of such problems. For the past few years, the situation in Lahore, Pakistan’s largest city, has been uneasy and citizens have been sickened by smog.

To control this situation, the government launched a tree planting and afforestation campaign, which is a very welcome step. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan, dreams of planting ten billion trees. To fulfill this, he has inaugurated the Miyawaki Forest Project in Lahore.

Using a technique introduced by the late Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, the forest covers 12.5 acres and contains more than 165,000 plants. Officials say the trees are expected to grow 10 times faster than normal. This large city of 10 million people has been engulfed in smog in the last years, forcing schools to close and making it one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Since the tree planting campaign began in 2018, 1 billion more trees have been planted in the country and another 500 million trees are being planted during the monsoon season.

Of course, this is a positive reform measure and it has been welcomed by the people, and every year on Independence Day, every household is being encouraged to plant a tree. Public awareness is being raised that every year on Independence Day, people spend thousands of rupees on flags, badges, and other items that bring nothing but good spirit but we can improve our environment by growing a tree. It ultimately will bring a positive change. Air pollution will be reduced and troubles like smog will be eliminated.

Planting new trees and aforestation are certainly a good move by the government, but in addition to solving environmental problems, the government should also focus on public issues, otherwise, these issues will severely erode the government’s popularity and other political parties taking advantage of rising inflation will be able to cause irreparable damage to the ruling party in coming elections. The biggest public problem at the moment is rising inflation. Prices of fruits, vegetables, groceries, petroleum products are not under control. Unemployment has risen. The government should adopt policies that are people-friendly and also provide relief to the people. It is the people who are the power of any democratic government. Without delivering beneficial services, the public will not be happy just by being named in the Guinness Book of World Records. The people want real change. Change in the system of injustice and oppression, change in the VIP culture, misuse of power, and bureaucracy influences.

It was a great experience to raise the slogan of change and to seduce the people with this slogan, but to disappoint the people with it would be a bitter experience that is unimaginable. The Prime Minister must immediately plan for public relief and start implementing it before it is too late.

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