Model Amna Ilyas bashed for body-shaming


Lahore, 15th October: Pakistani model and actress Amna Ilyas is currently in news on criticizing the promotion of skin whitening creams.

Baaghi TV: Amna Ilyas is now under criticism herself for body shaming after her video got viral on social media.

Recently Amna Ilyas spoke against the actress Ayeza Khan on promoting the whitening cream. Amna released a video on her Instagram account with a message for skin and weight-complex people of our society.

She wrote, “IT ALL STARTS AT HOME. This age-old script of colourism and fat shaming has been passed down from one generation to the next, and we mustn’t let it trickle down further.

The actress had said that skin colour and obesity is not a joke but it is a disease of our society.

Meanwhile, an old video clip of Hassan Shehryar Yaseen (HSY) talk show is also circulating on social media where Amna Ilyas is with Sadaf Kanwal. The two current models were seemingly playing a game of charades when Amina Haq’s name came up. Since Amna Ilyas had to explain to Sadaf Kanwal who she was talking about without speaking, her gestures were problematic.

She makes the gesture of someone being fat, and Sadaf Kanwal also picks it up by saying, “moti hogaye hai?”(She has become fat).

The video shows that when asked about former Pakistani supermodel Amna Haq, Amna Ilyas pointed out that she has gained a surprising amount of weight.

After the video went viral, model Amna Haq also reacted to Amna Ilyas’s statement by saying on her Instagram story that some people tagged me in a video where a model/actress talked about me.

Amna Haq added that unhappy people are attracted to hatred instead of kindness and compassion.

Following this, Amna Ilyas and Sadaf Kanwal are badly criticized and netizens demanded from both the models to apologize to Amna Haq.

Later, another video was released by Amna Ilyas in which she is ready to go somewhere in the car. She said, “What hypocrisy? What are you talking about?”

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