Moderate floods in Chenab River engulf low-lying areas of Multan

Baaghi TV: Moderate floods in the Chenab River have begun to engulf the low-lying areas of Multan. Dozens of houses have been affected by the floods and crops have also been damaged.

The Chenab River has wreaked havoc in the slums of Multan, causing severe damage to crops along with houses in Amarot, Langarial and Banda Sandila. However, the district administration has not yet closed the affected settlements to check the rapid flow of water, which has further aggravated the plight of the residents of the affected settlements.

Chief Whip Amir Dogar says there is moderate flooding in the Chenab River and efforts are being made to control it. However, the residents of the river Bat should also cooperate with the concerned departments to avoid loss of life and property. The river water has washed away dozens of houses in different settlements while the same situation is with regard to crops.

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It should be noted that according to the Meteorological Department, the rains will continue intermittently and the monsoon spell will continue to rain in the city till Sunday. After the rains, the situation remained the same in the city. The traffic system on the roads also became chaotic and the citizens faced severe problems.

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