Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine shows signs of success

Baaghi TV, 18th May: Great news regarding the COVID-19 vaccine have been shared recently.

US company Moderna came out with great encouraging results that it’s vaccine has able to produce antibodies in all of its 45 participants.

Moderna gave three different doses, 15 people received 25mcg, 15 people received 100 mcg and another 15 people received 250 mcg.

The best part of the results, even the people who received the lowest dose of the vaccine, which is 25 mcg, the level of antibodies produced is the same as people who recovered from corona infection.

The other best part, the vaccine has caused no serious side effects.

This is a huge and significant development.

The other great news is that the Chinese leader Xi Jinping said, Chinese Corona vaccine will be a global vaccine, which means this will be for free to rest of the world.

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