Modi Govt. And wrongful termination of agreement?

According to Baaghi TV, after the death of Indian soldiers at the hands of China, while negotiations are going on one hand, on the other hand, India has terminated a big agreement with China.

According to Indian news agency Asian News International (ANI), the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Railways has terminated its contract with the Beijing National Railway Research and Design Institute of Signal and Communication Group Corporation Limited.

Under this project, signaling and telecommunication work was to be done in 417 km between Kanpur and Deen Dayal Upadhyay railway station section. The contract cost is Rs 471 crore which is funded through the World Bank.

On the other hand, the general level talks between India and China lasted for six hours, which have now ended. According to ANI, the talks concluded that all the personnel who took part in the Golan Heights operation on June 15-16. They have been held accountable and no one is missing.

In addition, the Indian Air Force has called for a proposal to acquire 33 new Russian fighter jets.

At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed and at least 18 Indian soldiers were seriously injured in a clash between Indian and Chinese forces in Ladakh on Monday evening.

Tensions between China and India have risen in Ladakh. India acknowledges that 20 Indian soldiers have been killed, but unconfirmed reports say more than 40 Indian soldiers have been killed and two more than a dozen are missing.Some detained by the Chinese military, including a major.

It may be recalled that the border clash between China and India, which started on May 5 in Ladakh’s Gulwan Valley and then in Nikola area of ​​northeastern Sikkim, was followed by bitterness between India and China three days later. The Indian Army entered the area and arrested them, who were later released.

According to Indian media reports, tensions between the Chinese and Indian armies continue.The two countries have delivered a large number of weapons and vehicles near the border, the number of troops in military bases has increased.

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