MoE Discovers Coronavirus Antidote

Government of Pakistan, last night, made the right decisions in the public interest. One of the decisions of that Cabinet meeting was to close all educational institutions, public and private. We hope this will help stop the spread of coronavirus in Pakistan.

An official notification was issued informing faculty and staff that the university is closed only for students. But faculty and staff must observe regular timings.

Coronavirus: Punjab Government closes schools

Why Ministry of Education (MoE) is doing this? Are faculty and staff of colleges and universities immune from getting this killer virus? What magic pill has been given by MoE to the faculty and staff to prevent this virus attack? They should share it with the rest of the nation for their safety.

The government order makes a difference between students and faculty or staff. All examinations have been postponed too. So why MoE forcing faculty and staff to remain on duty?

Coronavirus: Educational Institute in Islamabad defies the orders

Therefore, federal government should take notice of this and make amendments in the order: shut down the university and save human lives.

As if putting the lives of faculty and staff in danger was not enough, universities put them under extra burden as they have suspended the bus service. Moreover, the faculty and staff have to spend more money to reach office on public transport maximizing their exposure to virus.

The safety of employees is the responsibility of the institution.

Above all, MoE has not only compromised their safety but increased their exposure to the deadly virus.

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