MoHR toll free helpline provides free legal advice to victims’ complaints

ISLAMABAD, Jul 25 (APP):Ministry of Human rights has received 4000-500 complaints in toll free helpline 1099 which was established for free legal advice to victims.
The purpose of the database is to collect the information scientifically and based on the data introversion are planned in different categories of the human rights promotion and protection.

According to an official documents provided by Ministry of Human Rights shows that the helpline project was developed for the purpose of data collection, record keeping and to provide access to the callers from all over the country .

The documents revealed that the helpline is expected the complaints approximately 5000 per month and the project has been revised to enhance its capacity.
The document also revealed that the under the helpline project , a specific MIS has been developed for the purpose of data collection , keeping and provide data / Information , fast referral services and efficient coordination and communication .

The documents also revealed that 134,600 complaints has been received in 2018 and 286,682 complaints has been received in 2018 and 222 pro bono lawyers have also been registered, according to documents.

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