Mom Guilt is Real!

Did I give my kids proper breakfast? Did they get the required portion of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats?

Did they sleep on time? Did they complete their recommended time duration of sleep during the night?

Was I able to engage them in different activities throughout the day? Were these activities age-appropriate? Did I give individual attention to all of them while keeping the others busy too somehow? Were they able to get enough fresh air for the day?

Did I limit their screen time? Did they watch something educational during the time that they did see the screen? Were they sitting in a proper posture while watching screen so as not to weaken their eye sight?

Sarah Ahmad Uqaili Contributor, Baaghi TV

Do they know the alphabets yet? Can they count properly? Have you introduced them to all the three languages that you know?

All these thoughts cross her mind while her kids are busy watching cartoons on their iPads, lying down, having nuggets. It’s so much to handle on the mind that she starts shouting at them for every little naughty act that they do. She doesn’t know what to do. She can’t control herself, and just when she is already feeling guilty about not being the best mom to her kids, the most guilt that she feels is about taking it all out on the kids themselves.

This is a typical scene of a household with little kids.

Well, relax Mom! Sit down and take a deep breath!

Everything is okay! You know why? Because of this little secret that I am going to share with you just now.

Your kids still love you. And not only that. Your kids still love you to their fullest as if you never made a mistake in the first place. They love you as their hero, as their support system, as someone they want to cuddle because of no reason at all.

You see, kids are a lot more forgiving than us adults. They forgive us even before we can forgive ourselves.

You see, kids are a lot more forgiving than us adults. They forgive us even before we can forgive ourselves.

Sarah Ahmad Uqaili Contributor, Baaghi TV

But just to make your connection even stronger, the next time you think you were unfair to them, just go to them and lovingly say, “I’m sorry”. Yes, kids need it too.


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