Momina Duraid jumps into the Mahira Khan-Firdaus Jamal contoversy

Firdaus Jamaal’s views about Mahira Khan stirred a controversy and started a debated not just in the media but in general public too. A huge number of celebrities, young and old alike, came out in Mahira’s support and called out Firdaus Jamal for his exaggerated criticism of the country’s most praised actress and topmost model. Most of them, respecting Jamal’s legendary stature and seniority in the industry, maintained a respectful tone in their protest. Mahira herself, took the criticism very bravely and instead of getting infuriated, responded in a very constructive way.

However recently, producer Momina Duraid, jumped into the controversy by not only extending support to Mahira but also banning Firdaus Jamal from her productions and cancelling all his projects, as a response to his regressive and ‘’sexist’’ comments.

It is interesting to note that while most people believed that Jamal’s views were in bad taste, it was not mainly being seen as an issue of sexism. Public opined that as regressive and inconsiderate his criticism was, he did not target Mahira for her gender. He should have been kinder in his choice of words and maintained dignity of being a senior and legendary figure of the fraternity, which he unfortunately did not.

Momina Duraid, who is the producer of Mahira Khan’s upcoming movie, after expressing her love and support for Mahira and praising her for being a strong, well-mannered and disciplined woman, announced that her production house will be cancelling Jamal’s projects and will not be working with him in future.

Hashtags like #SupportFirdausJamal, #BoycottMominaDuraid and #BoycottHumTV surfaced on Twitter. Many are viewing Momina Duraid’s decision as aggressive; some have even called it a publicity stunt from her, saying that she has played the ‘woman card’ on an issue that was not gender-based to begin with. The Twitterati are criticizing her for showing a dictatorial attitude and banning an artist for having a difference of opinion.

Pakistani heartthrob and TV sensation, Feroze Khan, roasted her for the hypocritical stance of not tolerating freedom of speech and challenged her to ban everyone who criticizes another human being.

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