Superheroes don’t always wear capes

Chris Evans bluntly called out Fox Nation host for her insensitive remarks about immigrants

Chris Evans, who is famous for his superhero roles, keeps being a hero even when he is not playing the character. The 38 year old actor is greatly opinionated over issues relevant to a common American citizen, and staying loyal to the duty of Captain America, he never shies away from raising his voice over them.

In a recent episode of his Twitter policing, he slammed Fox Nation’s host, Tomi Lahren, over her disrespectful remarks about the immigrants. Lahren, who is a staunch right-winger and is said to have a history of getting into social media clashes, has been live-tweeting CNN’s Democratic Presidential debate and while doing so, has been expressing quite bitter views about immigrants and some of the candidates. Commenting on July 30 debate, she sent out a hateful tweet about immigrants, disapproving of their parenting and branding them as criminals for dragging their children 2000 miles in threatening circumstances. Her insensitive remarks gained her a huge backlash from critics, activists , celebrities and general public alike.

Evans, who has been commenting on the issue of immigrant crisis in the US for a long time and has bashed Trump’s policies about it many times, did not stay quiet on this matter and bluntly called out Lahren for her lack of sympathy and respect. He also pointed towards the anguish of immigrant parents by suggesting that he would also take his child away from a dangerous situation to protect him. 

Captain America has been very vocal on all platforms about his political opinions and is even bringing forth his own political website soon.

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