More Combat Aircraft by United States arrived in Qatar

Combat Aircraft by United States arrived at Qatar airport base.



According to a Baaghi TV report, F 22 standby planes by United States has reached Qatar air base, the American Central Command says US aircrafts have been sent to protect US forces and goods. The number of aircraft sent to Qatar has been kept a secret.



After the tension with Iran, last month the US military has sent B52 combat aircraft. After that, US has also sent F15 and F35 to theGulf countries bases. The aircrafts also reached to the US base in Qatar.

United States had deployed a plan for war against Iran after the intensification on nuclear deal. To pressurize Iran, US sent B52 combat aircraft in Gulf Persia, after placing a missile and patriot missile defense plan. Within the past one month, the United States has announced the deployment of nearly 10,000 troops in the Middle East.

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