More than 40 MPAs of PML-N ready to leave party: Akhtar Malik claims

Lahore, 25th July: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Provincial Minister for energy, Akhtar Malik has claimed that more than 40 Members of Provincial Assembly of PML-N will leave the party soon.

Akhtar Malik claimed that a forward bloc has been formed in the PML-N and more than 40 MPAs will leave the party soon.

He said those PML-N MPAs who met with the Prime Minister earlier didn’t go back to party but forward bloc will come to the surface at an appropriate time.

He further claimed that PML-N leaders, hailing from different districts of Punjab are ready to leave the party.
15 more members of opposition are expected to meet with PM in August.
It is vital to mention here that several PML-N leaders held a meeting with the Prime Minister Imran Khan several days before after that a quake had come in the country’s politics.

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