Most dangerous terrorist killed in CTD encounter


According to the reports of Baaghi TV, the details of the crossfire have been released by CTD in-charge, Mazhar Mashwani.

According to CTD, Saeed alias Loha alias Haji Sahib alias Tora Bora was a very dangerous terrorist. The operation was carried out with the information and help of intelligence agencies. A pistol, 2 bombs and 40 bullets were recovered from the terrorist.

According to CTD in-charge Mazhar Mashwani, the terrorist was sent to Karachi from Afghanistan. The terrorist was given the task of carrying out terrorist activities by forming a group. The terrorist joined Al-Qaeda in the subcontinent in 2014. Terrorists carried out cracker attacks on Rangers check posts and police stations in Karachi. Terrorists were involved in police target killings and sectarian target killings.

According to the in-charge CTD, Saeed alias Loha bombed the alleged town police station, attacked a Rangers check post under Nazimabad No. 7 bridge with a bottle bomb, attacked a Korangi crossing Rangers check post,. Bombed Gujjar Nala Rangers check post. The terrorist also martyred policeman Zahid Hussain Rizvi at Lalu Kheet Sarafa Bazaar Bridge, terrorist killed 3 people on linguistic grounds in Awami Colony Korangi, CTD in Gadap in 2016 Two key terrorist comrades were killed in the encounter. The terrorist fled Afghanistan with his comrades Islamuddin, Shakeel Burmi and others.

Indian national arrested for crossing border into Pakistan

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