Motorway Abuse Case, Court gives important order to the police

The anti-terrorism court heard the motorway rape case, in which the victim was abused in front of her children, according to Baaghi TV.

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The main accused Abid Malhi was produced before the ATC at the end of his 15-day physical remand. The court sent the accused Abid Malhi to jail on judicial remand. The court ordered to present the challan of the case at the next hearing.

The accused was produced in court, in security custody. A heavy contingent of police was present outside the court.

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The main accused in the motorway abuse case was arrested by the police on October 12th. Police set a trap to arrest Abid and provided his wife with a phone number. This number was used by the wife to contact Abid. Police took his wife to Faisalabad and set up a network of personnel in plain clothes.

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Abid Malhi said during the CIA interrogation in Lahore that he had been traveling in different cities on public transport for a month. He added, “I, Shafqat and Bala Mistry, left Korol village on September 9 for the incident. Bala went back mid-way.”

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It is to be noted that in Gujjarpura area of ​​Lahore, there was a very tragic incident of gang rape of a woman on the motorway. Two men smashed a car window on the motorway and pulled the woman and her children out. They then took them to nearby bushes and allegedly raped the woman in front of the children.

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A woman from Gujranwala, was on her way to Gujranwala from Lahore. The car stopped on the motorway due to running out of petrol and the woman was waiting for her husband. At first, the woman called a relative who asked her to call the motorway police.

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The woman received a reply on the Motorway Helpline that no one has been allotted the Gujratpura belt yet and the Motorway Police did not come. The woman was raped by two men before relatives arrived. The accused also took Rs. 100,000 in cash, gold jewelery and ATM cards from the woman.

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