Motorway Abuse Case: Woman’s reason for going out at night came to light

Lahore: According to reports, another statement of Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Omar Sheikh came to light in the motorway abuse case.

According to sources, a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Law and Justice was held under the chairmanship of Riaz Fatyana.

In the meeting, CCPO Lahore Omar Sheikh while briefing on the motorway incident said that the reason for the woman’s journey at night was her husband. He said the woman’s reason for traveling at night was her husband’s pressure to come home from the house of his mother-in-law.

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The CCPO said helpline 130 did not reach the victim until 45 minutes after the call. At 2:47 pm, a passerby reported that someone had an happened with the woman at 15. If the police had been called on time on the 15, the incident would not have happened.

Omar Shakh said that 25 teams of police are working on a scientific basis to arrest the main accused Abid. He does not seem to be a big accused who is patronized by any politician or influential person, the accused is running alone. If there was someone behind him, he would have arrested him himself.

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On the occasion, committee member Ehsan Towana said that not only politicians but also a bureaucrat or a policeman could be behind a mafia.

On this, Omar Sheikh said that it is a fact that an advertised Shahbaz Bhandar was caught from the camp of Mohsin Shahnawaz.

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It may be recalled that on September 9 this month, a woman was gang-raped in front of her children on the motorway in Gujjarpura area of ​​Lahore at around 1.30 pm.

One of the accused in the incident, Shafqat, is in the custody of the police while the alleged main accused Abid is still out of reach of the police after 15 days.

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