Motorway police has banned a certain bus service following two accidents

June 5, 2021: Passengers have been told beware of traveling on a certain company’s buses since the bus of this company cannot enter on the motorway, people should not travel on it, according to statement by the motorway police.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, all the buses of Faisal Movers Company have been banned from traveling on the motorway by the motorway police.


According to the Motorway Police, the second accident aboard a Faisal Movers bus took place in ten days. Two passengers were killed and six others were injured. The Motorway Police said that the people should warn their relatives and friends. Motorway imposed complete ban on Islamabad Motorway Multan Faisalabad Motorway. A spokesman for the motorway said that due to the negligence of the drivers of Faisal Movers, many accidents took place and if it happened on the National Highway, then all the vehicles of Faisal Movers would be banned there as well.

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