Motorway police in action, seizes vehicles

According to a Baaghi TV report, the motorway police stopped a wedding procession, seized the vehicles and arrested members of the wedding procession.

Motorway police were informed that a procession heading towards Mardan near Col. Sher Khan Interchange, on Motorway M-1, was allegedly involved in negligent driving, and one vehicle was reportedly involved in aerial firing.

Reportedly motorway police taking action stopped four vehicles involved in the procession. AEB-50, ANJ 482, BRL9750 and AFP 20, were stopped near Col. Sher Khan Interchange. While three vehicles managed to escape from the spot. They were chased by the motorway police, and two more vehicles, LED 6753 and Applied for Registration 2020, were stopped and detained near the Rashkai interchange.

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Junaid Hayat, Mohammad Ibrahim, Mohammad Uzair, Majid Khan were all booked under Section 279ppc and handed over to Misri Banda Police Station for further legal action. While Wajid Zaman, Amber Zaman was posted at Risalpur police station in 279.

A letter was sent to Risalpur police station under 279 ppc and 3/4 Arms Act against another unidentified vehicle which was allegedly involved in the firing.

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