Motorway Rape Case: Celebs protest at the Karachi Press Club

Karachi, 14th September: The artists from Pakistan Entertainment industry took to the streets to protest against the Lahore Motorway rape case at the Karachi Press Club.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, while there is a lot of grief and anger among the people regarding the motorway rape case, the government and prominent personalities of the showbiz have also expressed their anger.
Artists gathered at the Karachi Press Club to protest against the great cause. Celebrities along with the public demand strict punishment for the rapists.

On this occasion, actress Ayesha Omar said that no one is safe here. If we have to live with fear, then who are the protectors? Why are we paying taxes when public execution is not a solution? We are demanding the fastest trial.

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Actress Mahira Khan said that we also came for Zainab to protest. A woman does not lose her dignity, the dignity of the abuser is lost. We have a huge responsibility. We have to teach everything to the children in our daily life.

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Mahira Khan said that we demand a safe nation for all women !! At home, on the streets, at work, alone, with children, without children, in skirts or burqas. We demand the fundamental right to safety wherever they are.

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She also said, “Proud of my industry for coming together for this cause – United we are stronger, our voices are more powerful and impactful.”

Actor Yasir Hussain said that CCPO Lahore has spoken foolishly, now it is necessary to teach men how to get up and sit down and how to talk, how to sit up, how to walk and how to speak. Now is the time to explain all this to men, and women.

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It may be recalled that a horrific incident took place with a mother of three on the Lahore Motorway recently when her car ran out of petrol. He broke the glass and took them to the fields at gunpoint and abused the mother in front of her children.

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