Motorway Rape Case: Maulana Tariq Jameel’s Statement Sparks Social Media Debate

19th September 2020: According to a Baaghi TV report, Pakistan’s renowned scholar and leader of Tableeghi Jamaat, has made a video statement that has gone viral on social media.

While declaring the motorway incident as shameful and condemning it, he appealed to the government to give the harshest possible punishment to the perpetrators of such crimes. My voice is shaking, he said, while appealing in the name of Allah, to the judiciary and lawmakers to change this 150 year old law in Pakistan that has been inherited from our colonial masters.

Maulana Tariq Jameel said that the cause of the fall of nations in this world has never been economic crises or a shortage of resources. The Quran says that nations were destroyed when they stopped taking actions, when they indulged in bad activities, and when they lost their grip on ethics and morals. Allah destroyed those nations, he said, when they were in the midst of their rise. The incident that has taken place is the very extreme of the immorality and lowliness we have come to. There is no lowliness, depravity, or moral degradation beyond this. I cannot find the words to express my condemnation for this incident or formulate a lament on the debasement of my nation.

Unfortunately, the cause of our current decline as a nation is also not any lack of resources. We are a nuclear power after-all. The fall of the Ummah as a whole is solely attributable to immorality, shamelessness and insubordination. When a nation rises, it does so through virtues, and when it falls, it does so through immorality and perverted acts.

Maulana Tariq Jameel said that the Parliament exists as a law-making body but all its time is taken up in the wrangling between the treasury and the opposition benches. The government, the opposition, and the judiciary should together change the legal system of this country that is in itself a form of injustice. The oppressed who knock on the doors of the law in this country end up losing everything and yet fail to get justice. People are proven innocent after losing ten years of their life struggling through cases.

Maulana Tariq Jameel further said that Genghis Khan who led the greatest empire of his time, was a very cruel man. Having conquered 22% of the area of the world, he had no religion and worshipped the sun. In the law of Genghis Khan, rape, lying, and stealing, were punishable by death. He was a non-Muslim and yet he upheld the rule of law and yet, we as Muslims, have lost the plot altogether.

Maulana further said that the parents are said to be the first educational institution for a child, and yet today they have forgotten the art of parenting. They want their children to go to school and then come back home and take tuition classes. Educational institutions have become profit-oriented businesses and no hope of true education can be had from them. Boys and girls study in coeducation in colleges and universities. When petrol and sparks come together how can we expect there to be no blaze? There is no doubt on the fact that coeducation has given rise to shamelessness in society. I myself received a college education before I set off on the path of Allah. Parents should themselves take charge of the discipline, education, and protection of their children.

Maulana further quoted the Prophet Muhammad SAW that it is not advisable for anyone to travel alone at night, not just women but men as well. I ask the schools and colleges (he said) to give moral education to students. I ask scholars to avoid fanning flames of sectarianism and hatred and instead give sermons of good morals, modesty, and virtue. Our media can play a huge role by discussing the Tafsir of the Quran and the Seerah, the Blessed Life of Prophet Muhammad SAW, through different programmes. It will make a difference. I lack the words to condemn this incident.

There is no government that can establish truth and virtue and do moral policing. This is a personal matter entirely. We need to build our lives on the pillars of virtue, morality, modesty, ethics, halaal earning, honesty, and ‘purdah’. Allah has kept lots of blessings in it. May Allah grant us honesty and a good destiny, Aameen!

The social media debate on the above statement of Maulana Tariq Jameel is ongoing. Maleeha Hashmi tweeted that taking out 30 seconds of a 14 minute statement educating both men and women, and showing it in a negative light, is condemnable. Similarly, a user Qaiser Mahmood said, that separating a 27 second clip from this guiding statement and debating on it is intellectual corruption. Just as the corrupt get upset when you talk of curbing corruption, so do the liars get upset, when you talk of curbing lies. Also, talking about shamelessness upsets morally backward people.

A user Mohsin Raza said that people from all walks of life are entitled to their opinion, but apparently it is  not so with scholars because every-time a scholar expresses his opinion about something, everyone gets riled up. Maulana has expressed his opinion and you may disagree with him but you cannot take from him the right to express it. Another user questioned what Maulana said that has so annoyed liberals and lifafas. He has said nothing from his own mind. He has merely quoted Allah’s laws regarding  shamelessness and obscenity. When it comes to Allah’s laws, no one has the right to say anything.

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