Mr. Beans as Adolf Hitler

25th September 2020: Reports are doing the rounds on social media that ‘Mr. Bean’ actor Rowan Atkinson would be playing the role of Nazi leader Adolf Hiter.

The world-renowned actor known for his role as Mr. Beans, is commonly seen in award-winning comedy movies such as ‘Johnny English’, it couldn’t have been predicted that he would be playing the role of Adolf Hitler, the late German Leader.

Rowan Atkinson is rumoured to be playing the role of Adolf Hitler in the Netflix series ‘Peaky Blinders’ season 6.

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Atkinson could add the substance just as Tom Hardy did. This could be monumental for the show.

However, any member of the show hasn’t confirmed whether the reports on Mr. Beans being part of the 6th season is true or false.

The crime drama, ‘Peaky Blinders’ is based on the setting of the interwar period in Birmingham, England.

It is expected that the character of the famous and influential Adolf Hitler will appear soon as 5 seasons have already been filmed.

The 6th season was supposed to be filmed but there has been a delay due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

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