Mr. Imran Khan, the people are asking, can we panic a little now? Veena Malik

Many political slogans and promises of Prime Minister Imran Khan are very popular among the people and such slogans and words are also discussed on social media.

Baaghi TV: For the past few months, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement ‘You don’t have to panic’ has been going viral. Although Prime Minister Imran Khan used the phrase ‘Don’t panic’ in several of his sermons,but it became popular when he addressed the nation about the Corona epidemic.

Imran Khan had used the phrase “don’t panic” in his first address to the nation as Prime Minister and since then he has been seen uttering the phrase on various occasions during the difficult times of the country.

However, his phrase gained prominence when in March, while addressing the nation about the Corona epidemic, he told the nation that when they observe symptoms of Corona, they must be tested.  In the first place he had instructed the people not to panic

Social media stars and especially tik tokers made several videos on the same sentence of the Prime Minister.

Later, on the occasion of the presentation of the budget for 2020-2021 by the federal government on June 12, Yasir  and his wife Iqra Aziz made a funny video on “don’t panic” and shared it on Instagram.

In the comedy video, Iqra Aziz was seen acting on the Prime Minister’s phrase ‘You are not the first to panic’, while Yasir Hussain’s in a helpless manner says that let the people panic now.

However, now that petrol prices have gone up, PTI supporter actress and host Veena Malik has also ridiculed the Prime Minister, saying that Khan Sahib the people are asking can we panic a little.

While the people are criticizing the Prime Minister for raising petrol prices, well-known personalities are also making fun of the Prime Minister.

Earlier, the host of a private TV show, Fahad Mustafa, said that Mr. Imran Khan, I know that running the country is not an easy task, but what happened (this is not rocket science) you kept telling us when you were in the opposition. “Tell me, have I made the right decision by voting for you?” Mustafa added.

While anchor person Junaid Saleem criticized the government and asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign. Junaid Saleem said that Mr. Imran Khan there is an offer for you to resign and go home.

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