Mubasher Lucman bursts on Punjab Government

Lahore, 15th April: Senior journalist Mubasher Lucman has shown his displeasure at the situation of the Lahore city after the lockdown in Punjab got eased up.

He informed in a video on his YouTube channel today, while he was going to his office he saw many people on the road dismissing the rule of self-isolating at home during the pandemic.

He informed that people were sending him pictures, of people gathering everywhere, only residents of DHA and Cantt areas in Lahore.

His anger is rightly so, as the only precaution against COVID-19 is to take safety measures of self-isolation and social distancing so far until its vaccine is discovered.

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He raises the question at the Punjab provincial government, where are their orders and vigilance to check people? He has asked the CM Punjab, Usman Bazdar about their steps and leaving everything open for the public.

If the lockdown has to be expanded then what is the point of softening it and allowing a lot of businesses to open?

What is the purpose to open the tailor shop when the clothing store is closed, it is rather ironic how a tailor will stitch new clothes?

Mubasher Lucman further said that the banks were opened initially and then the corporates are also allowed to open.

The government has applied section 144, i.e people cannot come together in one place, but even then one can see the state of the markets where thousands of people gather.

Lucman says that what is the purpose of imposing laws when they cannot be implemented, they should better be removed?

The most important question arises, what if one of the people had coronavirus and went into a market?

The government has opened the construction sector, but isn’t it visible how will a laborer move from his place to the construction site? He will definitely be taking public transport and not moving about his own personal vehicle.

The government should have waited for 10 more days for the virus to slow down, where we had waited for 14 days, 2 more weeks of shut down wouldn’t be that bad.

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Sindh is further tightening the lockdown. Chief Minister Sindh has said that anyone who does not like lockdown should go to New York and see the lockdown there, CNN and other media have been reporting the same from Europe.

The outbreak can move to Asia because we are careless people. 60 % of the people who have a hard time living in homes have smaller homes and so they get out and meet others. Given that, mosques will not be closed and prayers will be held, again a crowded place will be a risk for the people.

Lucman informs in his video that there was no one to bury the dead in a country like Italy, no land was found in Iran for ten thousand graves immediately. New Yorkers do not understand how to carry a funeral, a mass burial has begun in the UK.

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On the other hand, we have been overconfident for over 22 million people with only 1500 ventilators. A total of 2,500 ventilators are available in the country, out of which 800 do not work and 200 ventilators can’t be found, so we are left with the remaining 1,500.

Lucman stresses the need for social distancing and a lockdown in Punjab taken with strict measures. He says if section 144 is imposed and cannot be enforced then remove it or enforce it.

Mubasher Lucman ends his video on a message that people should take the safety measures seriously regarding COVID-19 and adhere to the rules of social distancing and staying at home, whether the government imposes on us or not.

Baaghi TV urges you to play your part as a responsible citizen by staying at home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the community.

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