Mubasher Lucman proposes a solution to the sugar crisis

Lahore, 10th November: Pakistan’s renowned anchor has put forward a solution to cut down the increasingly high price of sugar in Pakistan.

According to a Baaghi TV report, the senior journalist and anchorperson, while sending a message to the Pakistani nation, said that instead of using sugar for just 3 months, use “jaggery”.

Mubasher Lucman shared on his Twitter account, “Use jaggery instead of sugar for only 3 months. Your money will go to 5 million farmers instead of 15 sugar mill mafia families. Nations change themselves.
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It should be noted that where there are many other crises in the country, the sugar crisis is also one of the major problems right now. Sugar, which was Rs 65 per kg a few months ago, has now gone up to over Rs 100. In these cases, boycotting sugar is the best way to bring back this price.

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