Mufti Qavi lands in hot waters for declaring alcohol halal

Mufti Qavi declares alcohol consumption and beverages with less than 40% alcohol content halal.


Qavi, who had featured prominently in the days leading up to the death of social media star Qandeel Baloch, recently told an interviewer from a web-based information portal that alcohol derived from minerals, such as spirits, petrochemicals and other substances, ought to be halal, in his view.

“In my opinion, any drink that contains 100% alcohol but extracted from minerals is totally halal, forget 40%,” remarked Qavi.

“I got various calls from Europe a few days ago and some youngsters told me that Saudi ulema had deemed those beverages halal which contain 40% or less alcohol in them,” he added.

In this mindless debate, Mufti Qavi then brought the tobacco in it and directed his debate towards other religious personalities. According to him, there’s no difference between chewing tobacco and alcohol. Comparing the two, he stated,” If the chewing tobacco that our religious scholars consume is halal, then I’ll have to say that the drinks of today are also halal.”

His latest comments have ignited a fresh wave of criticism and various reactions are pouring in on social media:

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