Music, A Healthy Activity

Music is considered as nutrition of the soul that is the main reason why music is taken as a healthy activity, since the beginning it has a very significant impact on the health and overall physical and mental condition of its listeners. While music does help with health-related issues, one of its major examples is music therapy that is being used by health professionals to promote healing in their patients and to improve the quality of their lives.

Methods and techniques of music therapy can vary according to the needs and abilities of patients. It also encourages emotional expression and promotes social interaction, while on the other hand it is also able to release stress and can be used to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate simultaneously.

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When used conventionally, music therapy can help to reduce pains in different parts of the body and also is helpful to fight the aftermaths of chemotherapy which is being used as a common treatment of cancer and causes pain, anxiety, nausea, and vomiting. The experts of music therapy work with a variety of physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms. Some people believe that music therapy can be a useful addition to the health care society of children that have been diagnosed with cancer by promoting social interaction, cooperation, and exposure to music therapy.

Moreover, music therapy is used to reduce high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, depression, and sleeplessness. There are no claims that music therapy can cure cancer or other deadly diseases, but medical experts believe that it can reduce some symptoms, aids the healing process, improve physical movement, and enhance a patient’s quality of life.

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On the other hand, listening to music randomly helps a person to calm down his mood and to prevent mood swings that cause changes in a person’s behavior. From home to the gym music is an essential part of a workout regime. People feel that something is missing when exercise without music, exercising while listening to your favorite music helps you doing it better and keeps you interested in it.

On the same note, it also increases stamina while doing an activity. Some individuals may feel that they are more interested in their work when they listen to their favorite music while doing it. Students admit that listening to music while preparing for tests helps them to score better as it helps them to concentrate on their studies better than anything else. Music may not do wonders but it is a useful activity to do, can help to get attention when attached to something like dramas, movies, plays, ads, and other visual performing art mediums have some kind of music being played as a background sound to keep the viewer interested in the proceedings.

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Listening to favorite music helps a person to regain his strength when he is feeling down and low. It is often said that a person’s mood depends upon what type of music he listens to. If he listens to sad songs most of the time then his mood will be taken over by sad thoughts but if he listens to happy and more of jolly kind of music then it’ll him make him happy, listening to music in a difficult time help to get out of it and finding a solution to the problems that are caused by it. Music gives courage and strength to fight problems and helps to make a positive attitude. Music creates a bridge between unknown people and minds, it’s rightly said that “Music speaks when words fail to”. With the help of music, one can easily express his thoughts and feelings to others if he doesn’t have words to express them. And the beauty of music is that it doesn’t require any prior experience and knowledge for anyone to have in order to understand it, music is a universal language and it speaks to every person regardless of the origin, ethnicity, or the language that he speaks.

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