Muslims Women are up for sale in a fake auction in India

Muslims-Women-are-up-for-sale-in-a-fake-auction-in-India #baaghi

We advocate religious harmony but it is not much observed in many places. Islamic phobia is well displayed in few incidents such as the recent fake auction in India where many Muslim women were put up for sale without even their knowledge.

It sent the wave of chill through the spine that Muslim women’s photos and available data have been misused to humiliate them as an object for sale.

It has been stated that some photos along their names have been used from Muslim women’s Twitter profiles which made them very anxious and felt humiliated.

Due to hate crimes and Mob snatching Muslims have made the majority of Indian Muslims feel like second-class citizens in India.

Day by day harassment, lynching, targeting, and ridiculing based on their religion is rapidly increasing. Many express that every passing day is making them feel insecure and open to violence where there is not enough protection for them. Any issue can be escalated to target them which increases their vulnerability.

Looking back at our history, it becomes evident that Quaid E Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah saw that coming far away whereas he took the lead for the struggle for the independent country. He believed Hindus and Muslims can’t live in the same country and demanded partition. This horrifying incident of Muslim women for sale has proven him absolutely right.

His foresight grasped it from very earlier that it is almost impossible for Hindu and Muslims to live together. He advocated the idea of partition and forming two separate countries.

This horrifying incident of putting Muslim women for sale in the auction has proved him absolutely right that his wisdom observed this upcoming discrimination long ago.

Even Though Quaid believed that two nations can’t live together but he promoted acceptance, tolerance, and equality for all communities in newly formed Pakistan. He categorically announced ‘You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the State.’

Not many societies can move forward to the road of progression if they are unable to practice equality and tolerance. The road of progression can only be built with support from all communities and people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Division in any society is lethal and hinders societal development. It is imperative to eradicate such discriminatory elements.

One major key to Western countries’ success is their strict legislation to treat everyone equally regardless of their social, religious, martial, and ethnic status. They clearly defined lack of such practice as discrimination which is against the law in any form.

In a balanced society, none of the priorities should be limited to certain groups of people as it could divide the communities. Any skin color, race, religion, or social background must not hinder anyone’s freedom of movement and freedom of speech. Treating everyone fairly and equally is a major factor in success.

Our Quaid E Azam was a big advocator of all these key points. It is a privilege for us that we are living in Quaid’s country as free citizens and free to practice our faith.

We hope that we will follow Quaid’s ideology to promote equality, religious harmony, and mutual respect for all cultures and faiths in our county Pakistan to set an example for those who are suffering from Islamic phobia and targeting women based on their religion and putting them up for sale as it is totally unacceptable.


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