Mustafa Shaikh, Assistant Professor HEC Accused of Corruption

Lahore (13th July, 2019): Advocate High Court, Mr. Muhammad Nazir Ahmed has allegedly appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to take action against Minister Environment’s right-hand man, Mustafa Shaikh for corruption. 

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, the applicant has filed a compliant against Mustafa Shaikh, Assistant Professor in the Higher Education Department presently on deputation to Punjab Higher Education Commission. Based on the data provided by the applicant, the accused has been exploiting and interfering in official business of the Environment Department, working under the direct supervision of Minister Environment Department.

Advocate Muhammad Nazir Ahmed stresses that the accused “openly dictates to Secretary and DG on behalf of Minister”. He continues to say that environment approvals, sealing innocent businesses, and interfering in almost every matter of the deptt.”

“Worthy Minister is pocketing money through him”, he added.

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, prior to this Mustafa Shaikh was working in the Benazir Income Support Programme where he had allegedly been involved in financial embezzlement, for which an inquiry had been initiated against him. Furthermore, according to reports, Mustafa Shaikh is always threatening and harassing other members of the department by referring to the Minister. Shaikh has reportedly “unauthorizedly retained” two vehicles without legitimate rights.

Based on the complaint filed by Advocate Nazir Ahmed, “Mr. Mustafa is deeply involved in corruption”. According to his claims, Mr. Lodhi former Deputy-Director was coerced into sealing Mobil oil shops situated in Badami Bagh area Lahore without being issued EPOs, opportunity of hearing or even authentic lab verification in the matter.

Moreover, he has claimed that the department has had to transfer many Senior Officers from vital District positions and replaced by corrupt junior officers and Inspectors, who in turn are accepting bribes “on specific instructions from Mr. Mustafa”. The applicant has further reiterated that a state of unrest has been created by the actions of allegedly corrupt Mustafa Shaikh, claiming that the accused has formed a group of officers serving as Chief Advisors to Mustafa Shaikh, including Mr. Ijaz Deputy Director Legal, Mr. Azhar Deputy Director and Mr. Wajid Assistant Director EIA.

The applicant has further claimed that while all projects must undergo environmental impact assessment under the Environmental Protection Act, Mr. Azhar who is currently serving as Deputy Director, has initiated a Consultancy business under patronage of Mustafa, charging approximately Rs. 5 to Rs. 9 lacs from submission to application approval of NOC.

Reportedly, “more than 194 illegal cases have been forwarded to Director EIA for approval” for compliance of fake reports. Furthermore, the applicant continues to state that the Minister visits the office regularly, “he hold[s] meeting with Mustafa and his favorite advisors and officers”, he added, “Minister is interfering in all matters of deptt for his evil designs through most corrupt Mustafa”.


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