NAB Barrister, the Dog-killer exposed

Lahore, 4th January: A brutal act of killing was reported on Sunday, where a self-acclaimed NAB barrister shot a Pit Bull Terrier.

Baaghi TV reported yesterday that a person named Ahmed Umar Saqib, who claimed to be a barrister at National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had shot his neighbour’s pet dog mercilessly.

As per reports gathered from a complaint filed by a resident named Raheel Rao from DHA Phase 1, Lahore, on New Year’s Eve, his pitbull dog was shot 3 times by the self-proclaimed barrister’s rifle.

The dog owner had filed an FIR at the Lahore police station against the accused, claiming that his dog was very friendly and was living with them for the last 9 years.

As per reports from a TV channel’s footage, Mr Raheel Rao claimed that his neighbour Ahmed Umar Saqib had not only killed their pet dog but also threatened his wife and daughter telling them that nobody can harm him as he is a lawyer at the NAB.

Upon investigation by the police, it was revealed that the rifle owned by the accused was unlicensed.

As per the latest reports from sources, NAB has confirmed Ahmed Umar Saqib is not associated with them.

Who knows if he is a lawyer too or just faking everything about himself. There are too many lies and deception about him and his statements.

The dog owner Mr Raheel wants the authorities to take strict action against the accused and put him behind bars.

Sick-minded people like him should not be let loose, who are a danger to not only animals but humans too.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV and raise your voice!

A NAB Barrister kills neighbour’s dog mercilessly

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