NAB to compensate the loss of 11,000 People in Eden Housing Projects

Regional Board meeting held under the directive of Director General NAB, in which the deputy prosecutor general of Lahore, all directors and other senior officers were present.

The meeting approved to file corruption reference case against the owners and administration of the Eden Housing Projects, Dr. Amjad, Murtaza Amjad, Mustafa Amjad and Anjum Amjad, who were named the alleged centralized suspects. They took 18 billion 96 crores from the people, and fled from the country.

NAB Lahore has submitted applications for compensation for the loss of 11,000 victims in the case. The reference will be sent to the NAB HQ immediately. The decision will be filed in the reference accountability court after the final approval of the NAB Justice Javed Iqbal. In the meeting, DG NAB said that regulators are responsible for the loss of the public. He said that there will be strict rules for oversighting of development authorities and real estate agents. DG NAB said that we will not be at peace unless we provide justice to the people.

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