Nabeel Zafar, the main character of ARY Digital’s program “Bulbuley”, apologizes

Karachi: According to Baaghi TV, the main character of Pakistan’s most popular and children’s favorite program “Bulbuley” running on ARY Digital, Nabeel, has apologized for the trend regarding Pakhtuns running on Twitter.

According to Baaghi TV, well-known actor Nabeel Zafar has apologized to all the Pakhtun brothers in a video message on ARY Digital’s popular program “Bulbuley” a long time ago regarding a comedic role. During a comedy role in the program, some words and phrases were used in which Pakhtuns were mentioned and this mention was not related to everyone but to a specific character.

Nabeel apologized in this regard and said that he is an artist and performer and often plays different roles in the society due to various factors. Such was the case with Pakhtuns. He said that while being an artist and actor, he has also played many famous roles. He also said that his aim is not to humiliate or insult anyone but he wants to see everyone happy.

The main character of the well-known program Bulbuley, Nabeel, said that despite this, if any Pakhtun, even a member of another class, is hurt or disappointment, then he apologizes to them.

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