Nadia Jamil battled it out against Cancer


Thursday, July 2nd: Famous Pakistani actress and social activist Nadia Jamil, who is suffering from breast cancer, will undergo her last chemotherapy tomorrow.

On social networking site Twitter, Nadia Jamil asked her fans for prayers and said that she will have her last chemotherapy tomorrow.

Nadia Jamil, who lives in London for cancer treatment, praised her doctors and nurses and said that the staff here are skilled in their profession and extremely kind and sincere.

Nadia Jamil, who is being treated at Edenbrooks Hospital, praised the oncology and hematology department, saying that paramedics from all over the world could learn a little about patience, determination and care from Edenbrooks Hospital staff.

The actress said that In Sha Allah tomorrow is the last session of chemotherapy. Nadia Jamil, who has been living in London for treatment since being diagnosed with cancer in March, has been keeping fans informed about her health and treatment on social media.

Nadia had said that it is an established fact that we are moving towards our final journey by living our lives in an orderly manner. The most interesting aspect of our lives is how we deal with the obstacles that come our way and these are the obstacles that keep reminding us that life is not over yet to learn patience and deal with the possible worries of our lives. There are constant efforts that must be won.

Earlier, Nadia Jamil wrote in her tweet that cancer is not the end of my life.

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