Najam Sethi exposed for illegal occupation of government-owned land?


According to Baaghi TV, former chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and anchor person Najam Sethi has reportedly landed himself in trouble.

Najam Sethi’s illegal occupation of government-owned land has been revealed. The lease agreement between Sethi and Lok Virsa management has come to light. The lease value in F-6 area of ​​Islamabad is Rs. 2.5 million per month however, Najam Sethi has paid a meager amount of only Rs. 232,000 per month.

The Lok Virsa Administration has reportedly highlighted the issue by sending a legal notice on November 15, 2018. The agreement was suspended on March 9, 2019 by Lok Virsa but, despite the suspension of the contract, Najam Sethi has refused to give up the valuable land.

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According to reports, Sethi has kept this land worth Rs. 25 lakhs in his possession by paying a meager amount of Rs. 2 lakhs. Whenever Lok Varsha management tried to redeem the land from Najam Sethi’s ownership, Sethi,  would either use his influence to increase the lease slightly or would get a stay order through legal means.

However, Lok Virsa has sent another notice to Najam Sethi.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, Zulfi Bukhari, wrote on the social networking site Twitter that among the people who supported the PML-N, are either the land mafia or the drug mafia.

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According to reports, Najam Sethi has been occupying this shop since 1996, the rent of which should be Rs. 20 lakhs, he has been paying Rs. 2 lakhs. Although, the Lok Virsa Administration canceled the agreement in 2017, Sethi is still trying to retain claim on it

Dr. Shahbaz Gill, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communication said, “Mr. Sethi, these are the envelopes – the land of 2.5 million per month, you have controlled 2.5 million per month. If not this envelope, then what else. On the contrary, you will explain the reason why you took this envelope in the wider interest of the nation. If Imran Khan does not give such envelopes, then you give inaccurate news against Khan”.

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