NASA will use modern telescopes to search for planets

NASA’s 10 billion dollars state-of-the-art telescope will search for more planets in the solar system.

NASA says the multi-billion dollar James Webb Telescope (JWST) will examine the Beta Pictures (young solar system) at a distance of 63 solar years from Earth with at least two planets.

One of which consists of a small rocky structure and the other of a clay disc. The space agency says the purpose of the observation is to get better information about the Earth in the form of a disk and to find out what’s going on in the solar system, which is similar to the Milky Way galaxy with billions of stars. 

Chris Stark, a researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, says researchers are desperate to know what’s in the solar system.

He said  that his team would be able to better see disk debris by blocking starlight with the help of modern telescope carnographs, where large chunks of rock and mud could move very fast in space.

“We know that there are two large planets around Beta Pictors and that there are small fragments of small size, but what is between them?”

How similar is it to our solar system? Is the mud and ice water on its upper surface slowly making its way into the system? All these details we will get through the modern telescope.

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