Nation pays glowing tribute to war hero ‘Major Akram Shaheed’

ISLAMABAD, Dec 5 (APP):Glowing tribute was paid to war hero Major Akram Shaheed, Nishan-e-Haider on his martyrdom anniversary today (Dec 5, 2019).

He was born on April 4, 1938 in Dingha, Gujrat District. He was commissioned in the Frontier Force Regiment on 13 October 1963. Major Muhammad Akram and a company of 4 Frontier Force Regiment, which he commanded in the forward area in Hilli district, in East Pakistan in 1971, came under incessant air, artillery and armor attacks.

But for an entire fortnight, despite enemy superiority in both numbers and fire power, he and his men repulsed every attack, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. Major Muhammad Akram embraced martyrdom during this epic battle on 5 December 1971, Radio, Private channels reported.

Major Akram Shaheed was posthumously awarded the highest military award Nishan-e-Haider for his valiant and courageous acts against the enemy.

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  1. samir sardana says

    How could the Pakistanis – the sons of Porus – lose to the Hindoo Kshatriyas in 1971 ? dindooohindoo

    The Kshatriyas – As per the Mahabharata, Kshatriyas were born, when Kshatriya women (on heat) “were raped by Brahmins”, w/o marriage and hence, were “born as a bastard race” with the “zero IQ and potency of Brahmins” and the “cowardice, treachery and chicanery of the Brahmins”

    SECTION LXIV – Mahbharata – Adivansavatarana Parva

    The son of Jamadagni (Parasurama), after twenty-one times making the earth bereft of Kshatriyas wended to that best of mountains Mahendra and there began his ascetic penances.

    And at that time when the earth was bereft of Kshatriyas, the Kshatriya ladies, “desirous of offspring”, used to come, O monarch, to the Brahmanas and Brahmanas of rigid vows had connection with them during the womanly season alone, but never, O king, lustfully and out of season.

    And Kshatriya ladies by “thousands conceived from such connection” with Brahmanas.

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