National Assembly Session will End after the Approval of Budget Today

According to the Baaghi TV report, the National Assembly will end the budget session that started on June 10th for year 2019-20. Speaker National Assembly has presented the budget statistics in the meeting.

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser said that I am thankful to the presence of the present government and opposition in the House. I am thank full to all of members who were actively involved in the meeting. The proceedings of the National Assembly took place in accordance with the rules and procedures of the law, 2008. He further said that I tried my best to provide an opportunity to the opposition as much as possible.

Speaker National Assembly further added that he wants to discuss the relevant figures set by legislation department of National Assembly Secretariat. General discussion on budget 19-20 continued for ten days. In the discussion 123 government and 101 members of opposition talked on the budget. 21 hours 31 minutes were allocated to the assembly for government parties, more than 18 hours and 21 minutes were allocated for the opposition. The discussion period planned for budget was 40 hours but it lasted for 58 hours. 29 hours 54 minutes were spent by the Government, the opposition spent 28 hours 6 minutes. 40 hours were decided for budget discussion but extra 18 hours were spent. 9 hours out of 18 hours were by opposition. Members participated in the discussion from morning till 12 o’clock at night.

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