National cricketer Mohammad Aamir to take a break from international cricket?


According to a report by Baaghi TV, national cricketer Mohammad Amir has decided to take a break from international cricket.

National cricketer Mohammad Amir says, “I am quitting cricket at the moment. I was not included in the 35-member squad for New Zealand. I am being mentally tortured. I can’t play cricket with the current management of the PCB.”

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Mohammad Amir added that he could not bear the stress in the current situation. “Despite the performances, I am ridiculed, the impression is created that I do not want to play for the country”, he said.

Former national team captain Shahid Afridi told private TV that Aamir’s decision to retire is a surprise to him because life is full of challenges and not every man is necessarily in your favor. There are some people who think differently, but that doesn’t mean retirement should be announced. If you have cricket left in you and you have the time, I don’t think you should give up cricket. If you are capable, then make your comeback through your performance in the team.

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Shahid Afridi said, “I did not understand the decision of Mohammad Amir. When I found out, I spoke to Aamir and advised him that your decision is not good. You have played a lot of cricket and a good player has the capability to make a comeback. The cricket board always plays the role of a father and should do so, this is not the case in our culture.”

Afridi added that the Election Committee should state its plan to the player, as to which player to carry and whom to place on rest, but this is not the custom in our board. “The player is not spoken to. The board tries to give the new boys a chance. It’s right that new guys should have a chance and that’s a good thing but, why have senior players always had problems with the board and management?”

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Afridi added, “The reason for these problems is the lack of communication. When things get out of hand through the media, the communication gap widens. The communication gap between the players and the cricket board should be closed.”

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