Nauman Ijaz under radar for a year-old video


Lahore, 8th September: Pakistani TV actor Nauman Ijaz is in news today in the country all over. This time the news is about one of his old videos.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, #MeToo is once again top trending on the social networking platform Twitter.

 A video clip of actor Nauman Ijaz that was shot a year ago is going viral in which he is seen talking about having an affair with other women despite being married. 

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The clip of the actor’s old interview was initially shared from Tooba Syed’s Twitter account, after which dozens of people started sharing the tweet.

In the video, which lasted for more than two minutes, Ijaz was seen talking about having affairs with women, including dating married women.

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In fact, the said video clip was taken from an interview given to the famous Pakistani actress Iffat Omar between 12 and 16 August 2019 in two episodes on Youtube on her program ‘Say It All With Iffat Omar’.

You can watch the video below:

During the interview, the host Omar asks Nauman Ijaz if he ever fell in love. To which Ijaz replied that he is a very romantic person at heart. He has fallen in love every moment of each day and he is a man who loves immensely.

He also disclosed that he loves every woman who is beautiful, smart, and intelligent and also revealed that he had expressed his love for many women many times.

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On inquiring, he responded that his wife never knew about any of his love affairs. He expressed that he is such a good actor that his wife can never judge him wrong, neither those women’s husband ever come across any rumour of their affair.

Nauman Ejaz also chipped and told his host that those women also know about his love for them.

Host Iffat laughs at the actor’s response and expresses surprise that she is learning new things from him today.

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After this video started circulating social media, netizens criticised both the actors on their candid conversation.

The actor also revealed in his interview that he has distanced himself from the young actresses of the media industry in fear of the ongoing MeToo movement.

These days people try to take advantage of others and exploit them, due to which the actor tries to stay away from such people from the younger generation.

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This criticism by Nauman Ijaz has not been taken well by the Twitteratis. They have bashed him saying that the man talks about his affairs openly, and when inquired about the MeToo movement he says this is due to staying away from Islam.

However, few have also come to the rescue of the actor saying that people should better watch the full episode and then judge him.

It should be remembered that the video under scrutiny is a year-old interview. The actor’s confession about his affairs was said as humour, and not meant to be taken too seriously!

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