Nawaz Sharif is pushing the nation towards Martial Law

Lahore, 29th October: Nawaz Sharif wants that martial law should be imposed in the country and that his life gets spared.and lose my life.

Baaghi TV: After the statement made by PML-N central leader Ayaz Sadiq against Pakistan’s security, Pakistan’s famous anchor Mubasher Lucman while talking to senior Pakistani journalists and defence analysts said that he was saddened that he considered Ayaz Sadiq as a moderate and patriotic man.

After making a statement against the army, Ayaz Sadiq has buried the illusion, honour and ancestral name of his entire life in a few seconds.

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Mubasher Lucman expressed his feelings on his Official YouTube channel today.

Mubasher Lucman says PML-N’s statement against Pakistan Army is a well thought out conspiracy and there will be no problem if it is called Nawaz Sharif’s “noble conspiracy”.

Lucman, while talking to senior journalists and defence analysts, lamented that Nawaz Sharif is pushing the country towards martial law for the sake of the wealth he had amassed from Pakistan and for the sake of his own life.

He also said that Nawaz Sharif thinks that if martial law is imposed then Pakistan’s image in the outside world will be tarnished and court decisions will have no value and decisions against Nawaz Sharif will be considered as dictatorial action. 

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