NCOC re-imposes restrictions after an important meeting today

Lahore, 22nd March, 5:30, PM: An important meeting of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) was held to take decisions regarding the restrictions in the country amid the third wave of coronavirus.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, the NCOC meeting was held under the chairmanship of Planning Minister Asad Umar on Monday.

Following the meeting, the NCOC issued a statement expressing deep concern over the current situation across the country.

It has been decided to close all business activities across the country till 8 pm.

The session also concluded that only outdoor dining will be allowed till 10 pm. Food will only be allowed to be transported by parcel for home deliveries.

All business activities will be closed two days a week across the country and 2 days will be fixed to keep business closed.

The notification also said that all cultural, music, social and religious gatherings will be banned. Wedding ceremonies will be allowed until 10 pm. Cinemas and shrines across the country will remain completely closed.

In cities with rates below 8%, restrictions already in place will continue to be enforced.

The NCOC has decided to limit transportation to up to 300 people in high-risk cities. 

It is to be noted that elderly people over the age of 60 have started getting vaccinated against coronavirus in Pakistan.

However, the health authorities have warned that the third wave of coronavirus is more lethal and harmful.

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