Negativity shown in our Dramas should be put to an end!

Lahore, 9th October: Pakistani dramas that are shown nowadays lack quality content and storyline. Although Pakistan’s drama industry is soaring high these days, the quality of content they are showing us is weak and fictitious.

The way they are dealing with the taboos of our society does not seem appropriate. It looks as if the creative heads do not intend to address the sensitive issue of the society, rather they want to make a TRP out of it.

Pakistani dramas that are top trending

There was a time when the producers played a part as the responsible citizens and dealt with the societal issues in the right manner, but now it is exactly the opposite. The producers and sponsors are concerned only with their ratings and gathering views.

The dramas of today are showing obscenity and morally inappropriate content more. They are getting bolder with each passing day but lack the morals of a righteous society.

Here we present you the list of some current dramas that need to be removed from our TV screens:


ARY Digital’s daily soap ‘Nand’ is no doubt on top of the rating at present, but it totally lacks the standard of a good storyline. Premiering at the time slot of 7 pm from Monday to Thursday, this drama shows the female antagonist the cruellest person on the planet earth.

Secondly, the relationships in this play are quite twisted. Initially, the victimized girl is the sister-in-law of the villain Nand, who then becomes influential in getting her a divorce from her brother. Then what happens next is difficult to digest. The Nand’s husband gets married to the protagonist girl played by Minal Khan and then the vamp tortures her Sauten that has no end.

But we can not stop ourselves from praising the lead character of the drama, which is the Nand herself played by the actress Faiza Hassan as it is because of her that the audience absolutely grows to hate the evil doings of the nand (sister-in-law).

Nevertheless, the drama should soon come to an end as it becomes unbearable to see cruelty on one person afflicted by the negative character of the serial.


ARY Digital’s other drama that needs to be taken down soon is ‘Jalan’. It is telecasted on Wednesday at 8 pm and is based on the idea of two girls after one man. The pattern to be observed is the woman who becomes the negative character of the play victimizes another woman.

In ‘Jalan’ the jealousy among siblings is highlighted to such an extent that the younger sister marries her own brother-in-law, kicking her elder sister form her home. The vamp in this story played by Minal Khan becomes so overpowering all of sudden that her brother-in-law divorces his wife and doesn’t even care to look at his newly born son.

Minal Khan is young and innocent and we do not expect her to do such roles portraying negativity at its extreme.


The third drama in our category is Geo Entertainment’s ‘Muqaddar’. Dealing with the same storyline, ‘Muqaddar’ premiers at 8 pm on Monday, with the concept of two wives of a person. Faisal Qureshi is a dominating politician in the play who takes after a young girl and marries her despite having a powerful wife already.

No surprises here, if we come to think of it, ‘Muqaddar’ deals with the same theory of the first wife harassing and tormenting her counterpart without any reason. The victim girl throughout the drama can be seen enduring all sorts of torture.

The vamp Ayesha Gul has gone overboard playing her role as a dominant wife of the house.

Why is it that we can only see the extreme versions of female in our dramas? Either the woman is the vamp or she is so innocent that one gets irritated by her naiveness and she is unable to take a stand for herself.

In my opinion, it’s high time that our dramas come out with some substantial content and tackle the delicate issues in a mature way!

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