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Lahore, 6th October: Pakistani drama industry has grown incredibly over the years. Private channels and producers have changed the trends completely. This has led to increased competition to get the viewers to tune into a specific channel and this competition brought about the concept of TRPs.

The advertisers wanted to be aware of the content that was worth sponsoring, hence they attached special meters to specific areas that gauged which channels the viewers were tuning into at a specific time.

While it is easier to gauge the popularity of a drama online since the views speak for themselves, discussions and trends on social media are also an important indicator. The ratings of a drama however are the most important factor for the channel, producers, and everyone involved. The rating system is considered dodgy but these are the only parameters available therefore all the channels gauge their ratings using the same method.

A drama that does not bring a great TRP is considered a loss by the channel despite the fact that it might be liked by a certain section of the society.

Since these numbers decide how much revenue the producers and channels will gather in the form of advertising, dramas are usually made with such plot lines that will attract these viewers and as a result, the writers have to add scenarios that showcase the woman as a victim. However, there are also such viewers who do not want to watch such dramas but clearly, they are fewer in numbers.

The only way to know the ratings of a drama is through the channel itself as they reveal the TRPs of those dramas which are at the top of the game. This list of the top current Pakistani dramas has been made based on the ratings posted by the channels in the past 4 weeks.

Pakistani dramas air on 3 different time slots, 7, 8, and 9 pm. The rest of the day, the same dramas are repeated on the channels or some other content is aired. These time slots are the main focus of competition among all the channels.



Nand airs at 7 pm on ARY Digital and is generating extremely high ratings for the channel which they love to share on social media. It can clearly be seen from the figures that airing this drama 4 times a week is seriously benefitting the channel. As discussed before, this drama follows the same storyline with an extremely negative character and a woman who is a victim.



Despite being heavily criticized by people on social media and being temporarily banned by PEMRA, Jalan is still one of the most-watched drama right now. It can be noted that Jalan’s popularity skyrocketed when it was banned. This drama features yet another story about two sisters fighting over a man, this topic appears to be a favourite with the general public.


Sabaat 1

Among all the dramas airing on HUM TV at 8 pm as of yet, Sabaat is relatively doing the best. More than once last month Sabaat was leading the spot with TRPs which were not record-breaking high but were surely higher than the ratings of the other dramas in the same time slot.

The ratings of all these dramas clearly show that the content we get to watch through these dramas is not up to the mark. This is the reason why the actors and writers request the viewers to watch quality dramas, yet this change does not occur.

There are various dramas on air at the moment with different storylines yet they are unable to generate revenue for the channels or the production houses especially when compared to these other dramas.

Its high time that we, as viewers, need to raise our bar, so that our creative heads can make better dramas worth watching!

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