Nepal’s New PM Wins Vote of Confidence in Parliament

Nepal's New PM Wins Vote of Confidence in Parliament

Nepal’s new Prime Minister, Sher Bahadur Deuba, has won the Prime Minister’s seat for the 4th time, winning a vote of confidence from the Federal Parliament of Nepal.

According to foreign media reports, 75-year-old Sher Bahadur has won the Prime Minister’s seat for the fourth time in the Nepali government, receiving 165 votes of confidence from the Parliament, which are 29 more than the required 136 votes. Only 83 votes were cast against him.

Reports further state that Sher Bahadur’s biggest challenge at the moment is purchasing the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible since more than 6.5 million cases have been reported in Nepal, and 9550 people have died.

The new government has vowed to vaccinate all citizens in the country by next April, according to reports.

Last week, Nepal’s Supreme Court ordered Sher Bahadur to replace KP Sharma Oli as the new Prime Minister, after the court ruled that KP Sharma, who had been in power for three years, had advised the Nepali President to dissolve the lower house against constitution, twice in 5 months.

Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana reinstated the House of Representatives for the second time and ordered Sher Bahadur to come to power. In such a situation, the new Prime Minister constitutionally needed a vote of confidence from Parliament, in which he succeeded.

Former Prime Minister Oli said that the Supreme Court had removed him illegally and he would turn towards the citizenry to explain his stance.

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