Netflix movie ‘Cuties’ gets blocked in Turkey


16th September 2020: Netflix suspends release of controversial film ‘Cuties’ after the Turkish government threatened to block the access of the streaming website locally.

Baaghi TV: Netflix has released the trailer of the French movie ‘Cuties’ and announced that the movie will be released on September 9 this month.

People across Turkey have shown outrage over Netflix on releasing a movie made on sexualizing small girls of the 11 years of age.

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People objected to the trailer of the film, which portrayed an 11-year-old Muslim girl as extremely bold and sexually inclined in the film.

An online petition was filed by Naveed Wardak of the Change Organization platform against the film.

Netflix has been asked not to release the film – a worldwide campaign to end Netflix subscriptions has begun.

Netflix explained in a tweet that it had removed the controversial images from the film and that the scenes in the film did not reflect the policy of the streaming website.

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The Turkish government and the film and media regulator also called Netflix to not to release the film in Turkey.

A statement issued by the Turkish government’s Radio and Television High Council (RTUK) called the film “inappropriate” and said that media regulator Netflix would order the film to be blocked in Turkey. ۔

Reuters quoted Turkish media as saying that if Netflix did not block ‘Cuties’ in the Islamic country, Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government could temporarily revoke the streaming website’s license.

However, Netflix has now stopped releasing the film in Turkey, releasing it in several countries around the world.

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While Netflix did not release the film in Turkey, the movie ‘Cuties’ was released worldwide on September 9.

It should be noted that the story of ‘Cuties’ revolves around a refugee Muslim family from the African country of Senegal and an 11-year-old girl of this family who faces problems in the house.

The film depicts how an 11-year-old girl becomes entangled between her native religion and the trends of the Internet age and becomes a victim of the free environment, tight clothing and bold dance performed by other French girls her age.

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Inspired by doing so, she goes on her way and then at a very young age she starts doing obscene acts with girls of her own age.

Netflix, the world’s biggest streaming service, which has more than 1.5 million subscribers in Turkey, has not yet commented on the decision.

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